Towobola’s Molester Must Be Brought to Book

The convener of King DaSilva Foundation, Adeshina Lawal  AKA King DaSilva condemns in totally the gruesome molestation of Towobola by a member of the Nigeria Police Force.

A philanthropist cum convener of a charity and social development front King DaSilva Foundation, Adeshina Lawal has joined millions of sane minded people across the country to condemn the molestation suffered by a young graduate in the hands of some members of Nigeria police in Ibadan, Oyo State.

The incident occurred at the premises where an alleged kidnapped was being arrested.

Adeshina Lawal opined that the derogatory words said to the young lady is capable of ruining her career and equally sending her into depression.

In his words, the convener of King DaSilva Foundation says, there is a clear difference between interview and interrogation and in the case of towobola the questions asked by the police officer was to the extreme as her sexual and relationship history are expected to be kept as her private information and not be divulged to the public.

Sexually harassing towobola by asking her if she would have loved to marry him is totally against the tenet of professional investigation conduct anywhere in the world.

He urges the government of Oyo state, the IGP and other well meaning agencies to stand up in defence of the defenceless lady.

We can not continue to hope for a better nation and be policed by miscreants who lacks the understanding of human rights and value.

The Ekiti state born businessman also calls for training and retraining of men of the Nigeria Police force so that they can understand their limitations and where human right lines begins and be careful not to cross the same he submitted.