Eleyinju Aanu New Business Empowerment Program
Raised: ₦33,000
Goal: ₦50,000

This program is designed to help reduce significantly the level of poverty in our society and also to reduce crime rate through youth empowerment program. The New Business program is designed for young graduates, jobless youths who have the zeal to do something meaningful with their lives but lacks the financial capacity to pursue same. 
Many of our youths today have nothing doing hence the increase in social vices in our communities.  We designed this program to also accommodate young people who have gone through rehabilitation from various kind of social vices. 
We intend to train them, help them pick a sustainable business career and also provide funds for the actualization of such dreams. 
We already have a number of young people going through various states of training in south west Nigeria and will be making presentation of their work tools to them on completion of such trainings.